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who we are

th’ buni
A small white rabbit that dreams of being a person that dreams of being a transcendent posthuman that dreams of being an alchemical automaton that dreams of being a small white rabbit. Multicontextual, polycontinuous, and transmaterial, th’ buni manages to be one of those beings that dislikes being confined to a single narrative, but hates internal inconsistencies. Still, a few things are common across most of her histories, most notably that she started inventing words when she was three, was making up stories by eight and had started creating realities by fourteen. When she’s not trying to keep her stories straight, she can usually be found inside the server to help keep Prismatic Media running, in somebody’s kitchen committing foodcrime, or curled up in somebody’s lap dreaming of chasing butterflies.
Cube (the Otter) is the seventh incarnation of a certain regenerating species.... He’s been around furry for fifteen years, and in the strangest, most bizarre quarters for about that long. Over a decade ago, he was one of the creators of the Furry Inflation Pages; more recently, he’s been the muse for the webcomic, nothing comes naturally. Cube is a little bit of a writer and a lot of a recluse. For Prismatic, expect some low-key back-end catalyst support work on computers, communities, and creative projects.
Electric Keet
In the year 2141, a group of scientists collaborated in an attempt to engineer a super-powered paragon of strength and wisdom, a champion to see the world through difficult times. Instead, the experiment produced only a single piece of toast with the vague visage of a snow leopard. Desperate to recoup their losses, they created just such a cat from whatever junk DNA they had in storage and sent the result back through time. Thus was born Electric Keet, an erratic but promising wide-spectrum creative with an affinity for anything which is as glitchy as she is. Someday, she may be famous... and someday, a piece of toast will be made that looks like her, and some men in labcoats will sell it in an online auction for money... to save the world....
The Momentrabbit (Cuniculus diem), one of our most improbable urban mammals, is found only in North America – generally within a few hundred kilometers of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Overall, they prefer areas with a dense understory, or at least a subway and underground walkway system replete with parking. This cover helps to protect them from the sun and predators, and keeps them out of the wind in winter. As one of the dominant herbivores and key artistic species within the server, the Momentrabbit contributes to Prismatic Media’s diversity, notably in the generation of both site-specific art and in the illustration of nothing comes naturally. Classically trained as a artist and mainframe JCL coder, the Momentrabbit cannot be said to be well-adapted to its environment – but it does try to make allowances for it, generally working for the machines in one capacity or another. It is frequently found foraging in coffeehouses and sushi restaurants, tinkering in its cramped underground workshops on mechanical devices both subtle and profound, and shovelling snow. Momentrabbits have been known to speak of themselves in third-person and occasionally suffer word failure at the most inopportune moments. For more information on the Momentrabbit, please contact “Department of Rabbits”, Ottawa.
The unofficial spokesperson for Prismatic Media, she may be fictional, but that doesn’t stop her from being just as real as the rest of the staff. She’s more of a connoisseur of creativity than a creator, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t without her talents. She’s been known to say that the most wondrous expression a person can have happens at the moment of inspiration, and serving as a muse to a group of artists gives her plenty of opportunity to enjoy seeing it.

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