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Cerulean Stimuli
An versatile studio of one. Kevin Pease specialises in bold, striking design, typography, illustrations, and comics. He also stands as a highly accomplished ambigram artist.
Cheaper Than Food: the Ramen Break by Electric Keet
Instant noodles are a near-universal food. They range from absurdly inexpensive to sophisticated. They are shelf-stable, generally simple to prepare, and filling. There are myriad varieties of ramen. This is one strange woman's documented journey into the realm.
Egypt Urnash
Half the creative force behind Five Glasses of Absinthe, Egypt Urnash is a skilled professional illustrator with a genuinely unique style in both subject and representation.
Five Glasses of Absinthe by Egypt Urnash and Nicholas Brienza
An intelligent, adults-only, film-noir illustrated romp through a surreal world. It's a guarantee that unless you've read it, you've never read anything like it.
I Played a Thing
Bad Games Loved Good! Das Glashund, accompanied by the occasional Special Guest, revisits the forgotten games of consoles past to remind us of the good, the bad, and the ugly that is Video Game Culture.

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