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Electric Keet
A wealth of music, art, writing, and other creative works by Electric Keet, along with some interesting Keet-related trivia! (Note: Factual content of trivia may vary.)
A Nail From Which To Hang the Heavens
th’ buni’s serialized novels and short fiction. Science fiction and fantasy with an anthropomorphic focus.
nothing comes naturally (
This humble webcomic about a rabbit and a skunk against the world has grown to encompass a cast of thousands (or at least several), showing what happens in a city where weird happens everyday and someone, somewhere, sometime, has to eventually clean up the mess. It is useful to read the webcomic. It is pleasurable to eat, breathe, and sleep the webcomic.
The Ranch On Mars
th’ buni’s blog. Real-life adventures of a fictional person.
Thirteen Ribbons
This light-hearted science-fiction web serial written by Electric Keet is described by the author thus: “It’s as though F-Zero X and Animalympics had a space-baby.”

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